At the #CauseChange Foundation we fight for sustainable solutions that make the world a better place today while ensuring a good hand off to future generations in the process. We do this by engaging communities, industries, and like-minded activists, but we start with people. We believe that profound change can only happen when we open ourselves to the possibility of that change. That is how we derive our mission:


Changing the World, One Life at a Time

Our goal is action, and that means developing and sponsoring projects that present real opportunities to cause change. There’s plenty we can do:

  • Ask the 16 million people who are surviving cancer in the United States alone what we can do to stop this terrible disease
  • Ask the 2 billion people around the world who do not have access to clean drinking water what it would take to provide it
  • Ask the 133 million people in the United States who suffer from chronic illness what we can do to make sure that others don’t have to

The challenges are big. But the solutions are out there. The #CauseChange Foundation is here to help ignite the spark. By helping people become their very best and working together to preserve the beauty and functionality of this place we call home, we seek to change the world in way that will last a lifetime and for generations. By demystifying the role of sustainable initiatives in profitability we seek to build engagement with traditionally reluctant partners to create that long-lasting catalyst for change. This is how we create a better future for this generation and the next.


Promoting health, wellness, and education


Facilitating sustainability solutions to preserve the Earth


Encouraging partnerships that engage business and industry by showing sustainability and profitability can co-exist


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We’re On a Mission. We need your help.

We exist 100% on your kindness. In order to meet our goals, we’re asking you to contribute. If everyone reading this contributed to $10, we’re meet our goal in a weekend.


Latest Projects


Developing a national campaign to educate around this devastating disease


Establishing scholarships to provide education to those who want to grow and help cause change


Partnering with like-minded organizations to facilitate global clean water initiatives

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