Healthy Partnerships

This Pillar of our Mission needs a little explaining. A core direction of the Foundation  Рa non-profit organization Рis in promoting Partnerships in support of our People and Planet initiatives. We believe that one of the biggest barriers to change in these areas is the mistaken belief that one cannot be a good caretaker and custodian and generate profit in the commercial sector. We do not agree, and therefore spend resources to educate and socialize ideas on how these ideas actually align.

We seek to develop healthy partnerships with business, government, and communities to break down these myths. Being clear, our goal is not to help these organizations grow profits or achieve political goals. That is way outside of our scope and our desire. Our goal is to accelerate change in our sustainability initiatives by enlisting traditionally reluctant powers who nonetheless have substantial resources to advance our Cause.

We’re constantly look for opportunities to spread our reach. Please drop us a line using the contact form to the right to be part of the conversation. We always welcome you to join our #CauseChange community!


Promoting health, wellness, and education


Facilitating sustainability solutions to preserve the Earth


Encouraging partnerships that engage business and industry by showing sustainability and profitability can co-exist


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